Blasting Equipment for Hire

BlastOne offers an extensive line of professional painting and sandblasting equipment for hire throughout Malaysia. Both short and long term options are available and include sprayers, dust collectors, decontamination trailers, dehumidification and moisture removal systems, dustless blasting, soda blasting, megablasters, internal pipe painting and tunnel painting robots, and more. Contact a BlastOne Customer Service Agent for availability and pricing.

Whether you need full blasting & painting packages to complete a project, or simply require a specific component, you can trust that our substantial range of equipment for hire is the latest, most efficient technology available – calibrated and ready for production.

Unfamiliar with how to operate our hired equipment? BlastOne has seasoned professionals happy to help familiarize you with the operation and safety requirements involved with our fleet of painting and corrosion control machinery. Give us a call and let’s discuss your situation.

Hire and Rental Locations:

Sarawak, Malaysia | Selangor, Malaysia

1 – 6.5 cuft Blast Machines

6.5 blast pot machine for rental

The 1.0 cu ft pot is ideal for small blasting applications such as touch-up and spot blasting all the way up to the 6.5 which is perfect for high production work.

Minimum air supply of 150cfm/100psi is required to run this unit. Higher cfm rates will allow you to use larger nozzles and achieve high blasting production rates.

Base blast machine package includes Deadman handle, 20m of blast hose and deadman controls, lid and screen.

Options: Combo/Micro Valve Metering, Thompson II Valve, Pneumatic or Electric Deadman Controls

160 cuft Bulk MegaBlasters

megablaster for hire blasting abrasive

BlastOne Megablasters are designed to allow 4 blasters to blast all day without having stop to refill the blast pot. This allows the contractor to maximise cost savings, and enhance their production on large projects.

The number and size of the nozzles being used will determine the cfm required to run a MegaBlaster and keep adequate pressure at the nozzle tip. A typical setup will run off a 1600cfm/150psi Air compressor.

Some specialty units are available; Integrated units with AirDryers mounted on the front, MistBlaster accessories to allow Wet or Dry Blasting, and some are fitted with a Air Powered Vacuum-loading system.

Vertidrive Blasting Robot

verti drive blasting robot for hire

The Vertidrive robot is perfect for large scale projects with a large surface area to blast. Typical applications include large tanks and ships, or any surface, horizontal and vertical, even upside down blasting.

The Vertidrive comes standard with 2 blasting nozzles to double productivity. Unit can also be adapted to use Ultra High Pressure (40,000psi UHP) or spinning wash down nozzles.

Standard blast pattern from the Vertidrive is 2 metres wide.

Mobile Dust Collectors

mobile blasting dust collector for hire

Our Dust Collector Fleet is available for hire in Malaysia. The fleet is designed to be highly efficient in dust collection, heavy duty and be easy to transport.

Available sizes include; 12,000cfm, 20,000cfm, 27,000cfm & 40,000cfm

Available as skid or trailer mounted, Diesel /Electric options available.

BlastOne uses long-life UltraWeb Filters in the dustcollectors to collect the hazardous dust. Note: For Hazardous Projects filter cartridges must be purchased and disposed of by the hirer.

All Dust Collectors are rated for working on Lead contaminated Job sites.

Contact BlastOne for more information and to discuss your project. We have the full range of complimentary items to work with your project in the most optimal way.

Vacuum Systems

vacuload 4 interceptor package hire blasting media abrasive recovery

On large blasting projects you have unique need for recovering your abrasive and a Vacuum System can save you many hours of back breaking sweeping or shoveling. Typical applications include removing abrasive from ships hulls, tanks and bridge containment.

BlastOne rents the unique Vacuload systems and also VacMax Diesel powered units that are either trailer or skid mounted. We have a lot of options for you, contact us to get into the detail!

Package includes 20 meters of Tigerflex High wear suction hose and Pickup tool.

Large Humidification Units

dehumidifier units and equipment blasting painting hire

When blasting on a large job, you may want to consider to hire a dehumidifier. This has the advantage of allowing you to ‘hold your blast’ for several days meaning you can blast out a larger section, vacuum it all up at once, then paint.

If the humidity is reduced below 50% RH, you can hold you blast for days on un-coated steel, sometimes weeks.

Multiple sizes are available, contact us for information

Unit is supplied with one 10 Meter length of 450mm Dehumidifier ducting.

Moisture Removal Systems

air preparation machines equipment for hire blasting painting

Blasting with dry air will save you about 10% on your cost of your abrasive, by not clogging up your media with moisture, meaning you don’t need to open your metering valve more to keep abrasive flowing.

BlastOne AirPreps are the industry leaders for removing the most moisture possible but not causing a large pressure drop. These units are rated to their cfm ratings with a maximum 3 psi pressure drop.

Available sizes: 250cfm, 400cfm, 750cfm, 950 cfm, 1200cfm, 1600cfm Air Dryers.

Graco King Airless Sprayers

airless sprayer paint pump equipment for hire

Ideal airless sprayer for most standard coatings. When you have a large project you are far better using a decent sized sprayer and gaining serious productivity advantages.

Airless sprayers available for hire include: 50:1, 60:1, 70:1

Also available are: Plural Component Pumps, XM Sprayers, PFP Pumps for fire proofing, Triton 308 Conventional Sprayers and Electric UltraMax Sprayers.

No matter your coating, we have have the equipment to make you pumped!

Ultra-High Waterjet Pressure Cleaning

ultra high pressure equipment hire

UHP is a growing trend in Malaysia and BlastOne is increasing the size of it’s fleet.

Diesel powered, skid mounted, Heavy Duty cleaning units are typically used for marine growth removal, grate cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning,
concrete demolition, water-jet cutting, removal of high-build paint coatings and rust from steel or concrete and internal pipe cleaning.

Many different units are available including: 10,000 psi, 20,000 psi, 40,000 psi and ATEX/Offshore rated 40K units. most units are set up to use 1 or 2 guns, or robotic Crawlers.

Inspection Instruments and Defelsko Positector Gauges

defelsko positector kits gauges hire sale 6000

BlastOne has a full line up of inspection instruments available for hire. including;

  • Positector 6000 complete Kits
  • Dry Film Thickness
  • Climate Conditions (Dewpoint)
  • Wind Speed
  • Ultrasonic Thickness (UTG)
  • Adhesion Testers
  • Holiday Detectors (Spark Tester)
  • Testex / Profile Gauges
  • Low Voltage Pinhole Detector (Wet Sponge)
  • and more

To compliment the large range, BlastOne also has a full service calibration department available with a guaranteed 3 day maximum turn-around for any calibrations.