Advance DeVilbiss spray gun


  • Made by Devilbiss
  • Conventional spray gun
  • Available as suction or pressure feed designs
  • Industry Standard set up is 2.2mm size
  • Available in fluid setup sizes 0.055″ (1.4 mm), 0.070″ (1.8 mm), 0.086″ (2.2 mm), 0.110″ (2.8 mm)
  • Optional high wear and carbide setups available for advance gun


BlastOne supply Devilbiss conventional spray guns/air spray guns with siphon or pressure feed. These spray guns work well with paint pressure pots, agitated pressure pots, BlastOne warrior pumps, Graco Triton pumps and paint pressure tanks. BlastOne supply a complete range of spray-painting equipment to the abrasive blasting and corrosion control industry, including open fronted spray booth, PAPR and airline respirators, MBX bristle blaster, Andrea filters/Andreae filters, positive pressure spray booths, water wash spray booths, fully enclosed paint booth and dust collection for abrasive blasting rooms/chambers.

Additional information

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