Blast Machines

160 cuft Megablaster Trailer Mounted Blast Machine

Are you needing high performance, superior sandblasting equipment in Malaysia? BlastOne offers a wide variety of blast units ranging from small blast pots to larger megablasters.

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heavy wall blasting abrasive hose industrial heavy duty

Getting the right blast hose is very important, this includes the size and the hose rubber composition. Increasing the size of your hoses will increase your productivity on the job.

Helmets & Accessories

RPB Nova 3 Air Fed Blast Helmet Respirator Hood HLNV370250

Protect your operators with the best respiratory helmets and they will outperform your expectations. Carbon Monoxide alarms or filters are important and compulsory according to OH&S regulations.

Everything You Need

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Experts in Blasting. BlastOne has all the equipment, consumables, repair parts and hand tools you need to effectively complete your projects.

If you cant find something on this website – contact our Malaysia staff, we most likely have it!