Business Announcements


GMA Garnet Group has announced the opening of a new distribution hub in Port Klang, Malaysia. As a global leader in industrial garnet abrasives, this strategic expansion underscores their commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring timely product delivery across the Asia Pacific region.

For over four decades, GMA has been at the forefront of garnet abrasives development. From the mine in Port Gregory, Western Australia, to projects worldwide, they have consistently improved their products to meet the evolving needs of customers. The new facility in Malaysia will support customers throughout Asia, enhancing GMA’s distribution footprint in the region.

“The new distribution hub in Malaysia represents a significant milestone for GMA,” said Grant Cox, CEO of GMA Garnet Group.

“Its location strengthens our supply chain capabilities, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the growing demands of the Asia Pacific region, and enhancing our ability to meet the needs of our customers efficiently and reliably.”

Flynn Cowan, General Manager of International Sales & Marketing, reinforced GMA’s focus on customer satisfaction, superior garnet quality, and industry-leading quality control processes within the new hub.

“Our new, fully stocked facility will ensure excellent service and fast shipping for our Asia Pacific customers,” he said.

“This new distribution and packaging hub allows us to streamline our processes, maintaining the high standards of quality and reliability that GMA is known for globally.”