Coating Equipment

BlastOne® specializes in supplying Paint Application Equipment for Industrial and Protective Paint Coatings in many different industries throughout Malaysia – including Oil & Gas, Mining, Structural Steel Fabrication, Water Infrastructure, Marine and Bridge Refurbishment work.

Our Locations:
Sarawak, Malaysia | Selangor, Malaysia

We are Malaysian suppliers in everything from large industrial Paint Booths to industrial spray pumps all the way down to guns, paint and air line hoses, and even the perfect spray tip.

The correct application of protective coatings relies on the correct coating equipment being used. Regardless of whether your company is just entering the market or is an intermediate or advanced player, BlastOne has the right equipment at the right price point for your budget. For the highest quality fine finish contractors, we offer a selection of air spray, HVLP and air assisted technologies. For contractors specializing in high production, relatively smooth industrial finished projects, we offer both airless and air spray equipment.

BlastOne has extensive experience in all aspects of Protective Coatings. From brush and rollers to high-tech plural component turnkey spraying systems, BlastOne is your one-stop Malaysian resource for equipment and advice.