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Full Laboratory Service and Technicians
BlastOne has a full lab for calibrate or service any inspection gauge you may have including conducting NATA certified calibration and repairs, this run through our ISA 9001 QA System. We can service and calibrate the following gauges; Dry Film Thickness (DFT), Humidity Climate DewPoint Gauges, Adhesion Test, Coating Thickness, Durometer, Shure Hardness, Pin hole, salt meters, Surface Profile Gauge, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Thermometers, Porosity, We-Sponge / Holiday Detectors, Micrometer, Hygrometer and much more.

Our Range – Your Solution
BlastOne carries an extensive range of coating inspection instruments are specifically designed for use in the blasting and painting industry. BlastOne has a team of highly trained NACE and SSPC Certified Inspectors on staff that can help you choose the right gauge to use and how to use it. You can both Buy or Hire Instruments to suit your requirements.

In-House Certification Available


All Defelsko Positector products are available for calibration in-house.

Adhesion Tester: AT-A & AT-M
Coating Thickness Probes: F, FS, FRS, FNS, FNRS, FNTS, RTR-H, NA, NAS, DFT, DFT Combo, FKS, FXHS, 200B, 200C, 200D
Coating Thickness Unit: F, FM, G, GM
Coating Thickness Standard (book): Defelsko Standard Book up to 5mm or 5000 microns
Dew Point Meter: DPM, DPM-k type, DPM – Magnetic
Durometer: Share A & D
Pin-Hole: LPD
Salt Meter: SST
Shims: All sizes
Surface Profile Probe: SPG
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge: UTG, UTG-STD, UTG-ME


A range of Elcometer products are available for calibration in-house.

Adhesion Tester: 108, 506, 510
Coating Thickness Probes: F1, F2, F3, F4, FNF1, FNF2, FNF3, NF1, FN2, NF3
Coating Thickness Standard (book): Elcometer Standard Book up to 5mm or 5000 microns
Dew Point Meter: 319, 319-k type, 319 – magnetic
Pinhole & Porosity: 270-Pinhole Detector, Holiday Detector (up to 30kV)
Shims: All sizes
Surface Profile Gauge: 123, 124, 224
Surface Thermometer: 212 & others


Arange of other products are available for calibration in-house.

Coating Thickness: others
Co Monitors: RPB Radex, Gx4 & others
Crest Meter: PCWI & others
Dial Gauge/Micrometer: PCWI, Testex, mitutoyo and others
Durometer Shore D: TQC, Barcol & others
Hygrometer: others
Temperature: others
Wet-sponge/Holiday Detector: PCWI, Spy and others
Whirling Hygrometer: Elcometer-116, BlastOne and others


Can’t See your product?

BlastOne offers calibration services for a range of equipment. Contact BlastOne to discuss your instrument calibration needs.

*BlastOne does not purport be a distributor for PCWI and Elcometer products.



Hiring inspection instruments can be a handy alternative to purchasing. There are great reasons why hiring your instruments can be a suitable alternative for your project.

  • You may have a one-off project and might not need the equipment on a regular basis.
  • You have access to the latest high quality instruments from reputable brands available. This will allow you to complete your project to a high standard.
  • You may not have the storage capacity for a large number of instruments.
  • Hire takes away all of the maintenance worries as they are the responsibility of BlastOne.
  • Peak demand might find that you require extra instruments for a period of time.
  • Hiring equipment that you are considering buying is a great way to trial the product without any obligation to purchase.
  • Unlimited hire duration. Hire what you need for as long as you need it!
  • You will have access to expert advice from the BlastOne customer service teams.

Rent from BlastOne today!

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