GMA Garnet

BlastOne is the leading supplier of GMA Garnet in Malaysia. Australian Garnet Abrasive is the most common media used for abrasive garnet sand blasting, and is compatible with nearly all abrasive blasting equipment.

Australian GMA Garnet is an alluvial garnet abrasive from some of the worlds oldest & hardest deposits, and used for abrasive blasting.

When Australian GMA garnet abrasive is used for abrasive blasting or grit blasting, contractors experience, lower dust, faster speed, higher productivity and more efficiency.

Abrasive Garnet is most commonly the most economical abrasive to choose, even compared to steel grit or steel abrasive, due to its superior production rate. the cost of blasting per square metre (or per square foot), is often 20 – 30% less than other media. You can rely on BlastOne as your garnet abrasive supplier.

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