Schmidt 10 cuft Blast Machine


  • 10.0 cu ft Blast pot
  • Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne unique specifications
  • Single outlet Thompson Valve II abrasive metering valve
  • Approx 670 kg garnet abrasive capacity
  • Comes with pnuematic deadman handle and 20m of control hose
  • Excellent for a blastroom application with 1-2 blasters
  • Meets all Australian Standards


The Schmidt 10 ft³ blast pot is designed for fixed installations i.e. blastrooms. Having a large pot volume means it is possible to fill it up and run for a longer period without needing to depressurize. The capacity of this pot means that 2 operators can run off the same pot and not run out of abrasive too quickly.

This abrasive blasting system features the same production-boosting and ease of use features seen on Schmidt’s smaller pots:

  • Large hand holes for easy access to the pot interior for maintenance.
  • 1½” piping to minimise pressure loss.
  • Thompson Valve II metering/deadman control system allows operators to start and stop independently.
  • Thompson Valve II metering/deadman control system also ensures accurate abrasive metering that stays consistent.
  • The Thompson Valve II is can be pulled down and rebuilt quickly and easily
  • Spun rather than pressed base prevents abrasive bridging.
  • Hemispherical pop up allows for a tight seal even if the stem of the pop up is out of alignment.
  • Pop up dome and ring are manufactured from a compound that assists with sealing.

Additional information

Dimensions 83.82 × 78.74 × 149.86 cm

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